Sterling Silver beautiful, durable, affordable

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k2362252We all know times are tough and the economy is bad.  Despite it all we all like to treat ourselves every once in a while but buying jewelery can be very expensive.  We often think we can’t afford it.  Well while you may not be able to afford gold you can afford to buy sterling silver.  This material cost only a fraction of gold and with these hard times silver is becoming super popular and trendy.    Silver is a much less expensive material compared to gold yet still very high in quality.  IS862-047Sterling silver will look fabulous for a lifetime all you have to do is give it a clean every once in a while to keep it looking great.  The price of silver is so affordable that when you compare it to the price of gold it’s at least one third of the cost of gold.  Silver is definitely the choice for these hard times but once you own a piece of silver you won’t want to go for any other precious metal out there.  Why?  The answer is simple no other metal gives you such a bang for your buck.  Plus with silver coming in so many stylish modern designs you’ll be the talk of the party whether it’s a belly button piercing, silver bracelet , silver necklace, or a silver ring everyone will think you spent a great amount of money on it.  So next time you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a fine piece of metal go for silver.


Fake Plugs

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diamond and star black strecherspink colorful studed fake plugsStretching your ears is a really hot trend right now it seems everyone either has their ears stretched or are planning on getting them stretched.  Well if your still a little sceptical about making the choice you can try on fake plugs.  Fake plugs come in a variety of styles and colors.  All you need to insert them is to have your ears pierced.    The great thing about fake plugs is their very inexpensive, look like the real deal, and are extremely easy to maintain.  Maintenance is easy just remember no matter the price or quality of the plugs you always want to make sure not to over tighten the screws on either side.  Over tightening can crack the plug if its made out of plastic, wood, or any fragile material.  Other than that you want to make sure to give them a clean every once in a while (whenever they get a little stinky) with antibacterial soap and water.    Fake plugs are a great way to see if you are ready for the real deal.  Though some people just like to wear fake plugs period.  If you do however decide to get the real deal just buy a set of stretchers.  A good size to start with is a 14 or a 12.  After having the stretchers(also known as expanders) for a couple of days to a week you can insert plugs.  Whatever it is you want, remember if your not sure there’s always fake piercings for just about any part of the body from a fake nose stud to a fake lip labret.

Hot piercing trends

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monroe blackThe hottest newest piercing trend at the moment.  Is what is called the monroe piercing.  This piercing is usually for females and is located either on the top

Wooden Ear Plugs are becoming more popular for 2009 Body Piercings

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Wooden skull ear plugWith radical change of body jewelry trends each year we have found that this year because of the popularity, economy, and attitudes of our most common customers has changed over to more of a subtle yet hardcore look to body jewelry fashion. One of the most popular items has been the Wood Ear plugs that do not have the glint or glare of Silver, or other metal plugs but offer a subtle look with a more earthy feel and tone fashion.

Plus with most of these wooden ear plugs being hand carved each one looks more artistic than even some of the silver made ear plugs. BUT with out the over barring price of the silver weighing your wallet down. Each wood ear plug is hand made with precision carved art that will give you a great looking product to wear through your ear hole and without burning a hole in your pocket.