Cradle of Filth

                Cradle of Filth is an English extreme band also considered black metal, gothic band, but  there true genre is debatable.  The band considers themselves to be a heavy metal band though their lyrical themes and imaginary are based on gothic literature, poetry, mythology, and horror films.  The band got its start in 1992 completing 3 demo albums.   Their first release was The Principle of Evil Made Flesh with Cacophonous Records.  This album was put on Metal Hammers list of top ten black metal albums of the past 20 years on June 2006.

                Cradle of Filths newest album is set to be released on October 2010 and will hit America on November 2010.  The title of their album was rumored to be All Hollows Eve but its now been confirmed it will be titled Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa.  This album will no longer be under Road Runner Records it will now be under British independent record label Peaceville Records.  The sound of this album going to be creepily melodic like Merciful Faith or a Black Iron Maiden.


~ by jewelrygirl07 on August 26, 2010.

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